Complete Practical Self Defense Instruction 

Private lessons

Partner with sifu and get the ultimate wing tsun training experience


Workshop students who wish to continue their training can begin their training through private lessons or classroom training:

  • Forms and Fundamentals
  • Drills and Street Applications
  • Advanced Training (by Invite)
    • Wooden Dummy, Long Pole, Baat Cham Dao

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Workshop Content

Awareness Skills

  • Environment Considerations and Attacker Strategies
  • Projection and Escalation queues
  • Warning Signs and Priorities


  • Positioning and Distance Management
  • Mindset and Psychological Preparation
  • Verbalization and Threat Identification

Application of Tools and Methods 

  • Tactical Priorities and De-escalation Solutions
  • Techniques, Exercises and Drills 


  • Thinking ahead and Pre-planned Actions
  • Legal and Social Responsibilities

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2022 Workshops 

compliant with covid public health guidance 


  • Sept 6 - 8
  • Oct 2 Kick Off Workout
  • Nov 11 Master Lau WingTsun Wknd
  • Dec 16 Holiday Blaster!

Carson Wing Tsun Academy


essential wing tsun kung fu concepts & techniques taught through "REAL WORLD" SCENARIO experiences to deliver functional skills for self-preservation  

Through hands on learning, our students leave these workshops prepared for the realities of a physical confrontation. 

    We use Role-Playing in “What if” scenarios and apply Wing Tsun principles to 4 Focal Area to quickly build competence and confidence. We transform confidence into a "hard target" behavior and posture.

   By the end of the workshop, our students have significantly improvement their ability to anticipate and manage a variety of situations.

Their situational-awareness improves as well as their ability to use tactics and strategy to avoid potential conflicts.

    We train our minds and our determination to ensure our self-preservation when faced with criminal violence.