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Our Annual WT Warrior Weekend wrapped up ​with some excellent applications of the 3rd Form (BiuTze) and the fundamental movements of the Wooden Dummy! SiFu Chris and SiFu Steve generously shared all of their knowledge with the attendees. All questions were answered and everyone left with renewed enthusiasm to train harder! It was one of the best workshops of the year! 



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Carson Wing Tsun Academy

Complete Practical Self Defense Instruction 

Realistic, Practical,

ADULT Self Defense and Conditioning!


   For more than 30 years, Wing Tsun Kung Fu has been taught in the Chicago North Shore as a practical form of self defense that can be quickly learned and applied by adults and mature minors.
   Under the Guidance and Instruction of Master Carson Lau, we offer seminars and focused workshop training for groups of all sizes and abilities. Practical Self Defense should not take a lifetime to learn! It does practice, however! 

   Through Wing Tsun Kung Fu, we teach principle driven self defense solutions that will give you confidence when the unexpected happens.

   Contact us to arrange your training workshop, today! 


Sifu Steve chan  

With 30 years of practical experience in a variety of martial arts and the USMC, SiFu Steve brings real world experience and tactics to our classroom. He is a 5th Level Practitioner

Master Carson lau  

is one of the highest ranked Wing Tsun Masters in North America and travels worldwide to share his knowledge 

Sifu Chris Mah 

For more than 30 yrs, SiFu has trained and taught practical self defense across the Chicago N. Shore. He is a 5th Level Practitioner